Begin Your Herbal Learning Journey With All Inclusive DIY Apothecary Kits

Why did we create Restoring the Garden? Because God’s creation is something to marvel at. He gave us everything we need to not only survive, but to absolutely thrive. Just think, every plant on earth has specific properties and uses. It is incredible to think about the detail that has gone into each herb, each flower and each fruit. The Lord knew every single detail and provided us with the ability to gain from them. So let’s use them!



The DIY apothecary kits you will find here are the perfect way to begin your herbal journey. Every supply you need for your very own herbal preparations  are included. You will learn step by step how to use the precious herbs we have been given. It is fun and easy, and I know that you will continue your learning journey after your first herbal DIY kit. Have fun on this new adventure!


It is my hope that the kits encourage you to expand your knowledge and application of herbs and oils and that you are inspired to incorporate them into your everyday life.

  • Make a recipe book. Add to the Restoring the Garden binder with your own pages.
  • Create an herb catalogue.
  • Get your children involved.
  • Grow a garden.
  • Enjoy God’s creation in new ways.


And it is my fervent prayer that on this journey towards deeper healing and wholeness, that you will be drawn in closer to the Father – all for His glory!

Meet the Restoring the Garden family

Katie (owner) and Dustin Nelson with children Evi Rose and Matthias


I am a child of God. A wife. A mother. A woman pursuing the virtues and attributes in Proverbs 31. A woman who wants to care for her family naturally and easily.


I am not a trained herbalist. I have no formal education in medicinal herbs. But I do have experience and love. I am just like you on a quest to learn. On a journey to care for my family and better our lives using the gifts that God has given us.


Restoring the Garden was born out of a passion for learning and providing. We are parents to two beautiful children, Evangeline Rose, 3.5 years old, and Matthias Daniel, 2.5 years old. Evi Rose has some challenging illnesses and she has a tough road to travel. God has big plans for her! Restoring the Garden supports her holistic health care costs. We are dedicated to providing her the best care we can. Every purchase from Restoring the Garden goes directly to her continued well being and care. Praise God for his gifts from the garden!


Katie Nelson

Owns and operates Restoring the Garden. Katie spends her days caring for her husband, is a stay at home mom to her two beautiful children and spends the ‘rest’ of her time running the business full time.


Bruce Bodin

An independent contracted advisor for Restoring the Garden. Bruce has an extensive history with high capacity project management and oversees all business, financial and management decisions.


Denae Nelson

Restoring the Garden’s administrative assistant who provides support with the children, as well as provides support in inventory control, product construction, product fulfillment and order shipment.